Van waarde geweest

“Tracht niet een man van succes te zijn, maar probeer liever een man van waarde te zijn.” – Albert Einstein

It is a great pleasure working with Mischa. Using his never ending enthusiasm he will serve your business and initiatives and bring them to the highest possible level. He has a passion for new media, marketing, coaching and recently also for social engineering. He is always expanding his skills and knowledge to back up his ideas. This makes him open minded and aware of new challenges and technologies.

Marnix van der Poll, eigenaar
Poll Productions
Mischa has made significant contributions to the internet strategy and operations of one of Ruysdaels clients. His work and results are characterized by creativity, effectiveness and usefulness for the client. Mischa is able to bridge the technology gap between business and IT. He uses this skill to deliver innovative solutions.

Wouter van Aerle, projectmanager

Wil je ook je waardering laten blijken? Vul hieronder dan in wat ik voor jou en/of jouw bedrijf heb betekend!