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Simplicity vs. consistent behavior (influence)

I just completed writing an e-mail to dr. BJ Fogg with a CC to dr. Bob Cialdini which I would like to share with you. It is a question that came to mind when looking at the webcast of BJ Fogg where he explains the concept of simplicity. I hope to receive response soon and share this with you guys.

Hello BJ,

I enjoyed reading your weblog and looking at your webcast on simplicity at http://www.behaviormodel.org/ability.html. As a media psychologist, I have spent the past few years looking into influence through mediated communication. I started out by applying Bob Cialdini’s PoP’s for use within social media environments. Bob thought I did a good job when I met him a few month ago on his European ‘tour’. Now, when looking at captology, I see a lot of similarities but also a few questions come to mind. Continue reading

Video-interview Cialdini over ‘Invloed’

Hieronder een erg interessant interview met Robert Cialdini, Professor Pscyhology & Marketing bij de Arizona State University. Het interview gaat over het onderwerp waar Cialdini al jaren onderzoek naar heeft gedaan en nog steeds doet: Invloed (Influence). Ik ben een groot aanhanger van de zes Principles of Persuasion (PoP) die Cialdini beschrijft, en gebruik deze effectief bij mijn werk als social media psycholoog en organisatie-adviseur om optimale resultaten te behalen.

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