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Social shopping, group shopping of crowdshopping?

Social Shopping is een containerbegrip. We weten allemaal wel ongeveer waar het over gaat, maar de exacte invulling varieert per context. Een concreet voorbeeld hiervan is de definitie die Wikipedia hanteert:

Social shopping spans a wide range of definitions but can largely be divided into five categories:[1] Group shopping sites, Shopping communities, Recommendation engines, Shopping Marketplaces, and Shared Shopping.

  1. Group shopping sites include companies like Half Off Depot, Plum district, Groupon, Kactoos, LivingSocial, and BuyWithMe.
  2. Shopping communities bring like-minded people together to discuss, share, and shop.
  3. Recommendation engines allow shoppers to provide advice to fellow shoppers.
  4. Social Shopping Marketplaces which bring sellers and buyers together to connect and transact
  5. Shared Shopping mechanisms for catalog-based ecommerce sites, which allow shoppers to form ad-hoc collaborative shopping groups in which one person can drive an online shopping experience for one or more other people, using real-time communication among themselves and with the retailer.

There are various ways for stores to use social shopping features. Some websites offer a combination of comparison shopping with social features. Others combines physical stores and social features, for example, allowing customers to share finds and deals from physical retailers through the phone and website and interact with users that have similar shopping interests.

Ik zie eigenlijk een tweedeling ontstaan:

  1. Shoppen samen met anderen (bewust)
  2. Shoppen met behulp van anderen (deels bewust, deels onbewust)

Ik zal deze twee richting vanuit een persuasion perspectief verder toelichten.

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