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Interview: dr. Robert Cialdini on Social Media influence (with audio)

Last week I had the chance to visit dr. Cialdini’s 1-day seminar about the Principles of Influence (refresh: here). Not only did I attend, but I also arranged for an interview with dr. Cialdini about the application of the 6 PoP’s in the field of Social Media Marketing. We had already discussed the topic briefly via e-mail, along with some other thoughts about the 6 human emotions that form the basis of behavioural motivation, resulting in the click-whirr heuristical behaviour that the PoP’s are based upon. As a media psychologist, I was already familiar with the PoP’s and was looking for a more in-depth conversation with dr. Cialdini about Social Media.

In this blogpost I would like to share dr. Cialdini’s thoughts with you by means of a transcribed interview with raw audio files to go with it.

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Onlangs heb ik de LiveScribe gekocht. Een pen die, naast je aantakeningen digitaal maken, ook een geheel gesprek opneemt en dit op tijdscode koppelt aan wat je hebt opgeschreven. Geniaal!

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